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General League Provisions

1.1.       These rules shall govern all players, teams, league administrators and spectators; registering with and/or participating in the United Premier League during the present season.

1.2.       The United Premier League reserves the right to reject any applying team and/or participant if the United Premier League, at its sole discretion, determines that the acceptance of that team and/or participant would be detrimental to the league or its purposes.

1.3.       The United Premier League shall comply with the IFAB Laws of the Game and the only exceptions shall be contained within this document.

1.4.       In reference to seasons and seasonal year.  A season shall be deemed, Spring and Fall and a seasonal year shall be January 1 – December 31.


Team Administration

2.1.       Each team shall have all league fees paid in full prior to participating in any league games.

2.2.       Each team shall register on or before the dates prescribed by the Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) and are responsible for the following:

a.       CSA team affiliation fee,

b.       CSA player registration, and

c.       Ensuring that each player registers and obtains an authentic and current CSA Player Mobile Pass.

2.3.          Each team is responsible for its players, coaches, managers, team representatives and supporters adhering to these rules.

2.4.          Each team must comply with the following team qualifications in terms of number of players as described by the CSA Rules and Procedures Rule 2.2.

a.       A member team shall have at least 11 CSA-registered active player members at any one time. No team may field more than 18 registered active playing members at any one time.


Player Administration

3.1.       All players must follow the below team registration guidelines as established in the CSA Rules and Procedures rule 03.01.03:

a.       A player may register to participate with more than one team provided the player:

1.       Shall declare a “primary” team and league, and

2.       Shall be registered by proper form and fee on each team with which the player participates, and

3.       Shall not register on more than one team in the same division or competition of a league.

3.2.       All players must comply with the below player pass guidelines as established in the CSA Rules and Procedures and by the United Premier League.

a.       A player registered on more than one team shall be issued a pass from the “primary” team league and a pass from the secondary team in another league, provided that the player advised the Team Managers so involved of the multiple registrations, and the appropriate League Registrars are so advised at the time of registration.

b.       A player must have a valid player pass issued by CSA.

c.       No player shall be allowed to participate in any game without providing an official USSF/USASA player pass with current registration sticker of which is current and has the team listed in which the player is wishing to participate on. Only the league administrator shall approve an exception to this rule and only for the sole purpose of allowing a player with no player pass to participate (at the sole discretion of the league administrator) that all available evidence supports that player is truly registered and eligible to participate.

3.3.       All Youth players (a term that shall be dedicated to those under the age of 19) who wish to register with and participate on a CSA team registered to play in the United Premier League must meet the below minimal requirements along with any other requirements that may be applied to youth players requesting to play in other divisions within the United Premier League.

a.       The CSA liability form shall be signed by the parent or legal guardian of the player and the player is not deemed emancipated, and

b.       A youth player who signs an amateur form shall retain youth eligibility

3.4.        Premier Division- All players under the age of 18 must fill out a player waiver which can be found on www.coloradosoccer.org.

Over 30 Divisions- All players registered must be age 30 or older at the start of the season (January 1); a player turning 30 during the season is not eligible to play in this division (unless they are registered as an exception). Exceptions: an over-30 team may register up to 3 players under the age of 30 and over the age of 25 (as of January 1). A goalkeeper may be age 18 (as of January 1) or older if the player is exclusively a goalkeeper (NEVER plays a field position).

35 Divisions (MASTERS) - All players must be age 35 or older at the start of the season (January 1); a player turning 35 during the season is eligible to play in this division (unless they are registered as an exception). Exceptions: an over 35 team may register up to three (3) players under the age of 35 and over the age of 30 (as of January 1). A goalkeeper may be age 18 (as of January 1) or older if the player is exclusively a goalkeeper (NEVER plays a field position).

Men Over-40 Division (LEGENDS) - All players must be age 40 or older at the start of the season (January 1); a player turning 40 during the season is not eligible to play in this division (unless they are registered as an exception). Exceptions: an over 40 team may register up to three (3) players under the age of 40 and over the age of 35 (as of January 1). A goalkeeper may be age 30 (as of January 1) or older if the player is exclusively a goalkeeper (NEVER plays a field position).


Game Reports

4.1.       It is the Referee’s responsibility to complete the CSA game report and submit the gam report along with: home team roster, visitor team roster, all retained passes, and any additional documentation (such as a USSF supplemental game report) to CSA within 24 hours of the match. Reports received after 24 hours or not postmarked within 24 hours will be subject to fines to the referee.

                      Mail:    CSA

                                  4643 S Ulster Street Suite #250

                                  Denver, CO 80237


4.2.       In addition to submitting the above mentioned materials to the league, it shall also be the Referee’s responsibility to complete an online game report which can be found at www.coloradosoccer.org (click the game report link).



5.1.       Referee’s Authority: The authority of the referee shall begin once he or she arrives on site and shall not end until the game has completed and all parties have evacuated the field and/or stadium and the surrounding area.

5.2.       All misconduct punished by the referee shall be included in the game report via Game Officials

5.3.       The following guidelines shall be followed when reporting misconduct on a player pass:

a.       A single caution (yellow card) will be reported, if this is the third caution the league will have that player sit one match.

b.       For a player receiving two cautions in the same match with a subsequent send-off will be submitted to the league with the supplemental game report.

c.       For a player who receives a send-off with no other misconduct (straight red) will be submitted to the league with supplemental game report.

5.4.       Those players involved in misconduct will be subject to the following discipline and/or fines:

a.       Two (2) yellow cards in the same game (red card) - minimum of one (1) game suspension and $20.00.

b.       Three (3) yellow cards during any seasonal year- One (1) game suspension and a $20.00 fine.

c.       One (1) red card (send off) - player is expelled for the remainder of that game and will receive a minimum one (1) game suspension and a minimum fine of $30.00.

5.5.       All misconduct reported by the referee shall be subject to further disciplinary action that may include but is not limited to:

a.       Additional fines and/or game suspensions

b.       Removal from the league

c.       CSA disciplinary action from the CSA Judicial Committee

d.      Report to local law enforcement



6.1.       The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play are final and shall not be disputed. Only instances in which the IFAB Laws of the Game are accused of being misapplied shall be subject to protest and/or appeal.

6.2.       All protests must be made in writing and submitted to the league within three (3) days of the completion of the game. Protests must be submitted with a protest fee of $100.00 in cash. If the protest is approved after investigation, the $100 will be returned to the team. Written protests are submitted to:

          Mail: CSA

          4643 S Ulster Street Suite #250

          Denver, CO 80237


Scoring & League Standings

7.1.       Point System

a.       3 Points for Win

b.       0 Points for Loss

c.       1 Point for Tie

d.      -2 Points for a Forfeit

e.       3 Points for a Win by Forfeit. For a forfeited match, the winner will be credited with a score of 1-0 and awarded three points.

7.2.       Tie-Breakers

a.       Head to head game result

b.       Total goals “scored against” during the season

c.       Total goals “scored for” during the season

d.      Goal differential (Goals For-Goals Against =Goal Differential)




Schedules and Game Cancellations

8.1.       League schedules should be completed and available for the viewing of all league participants within a timely manner. Schedules shall be posted via the internet and the league shall utilize www.coloradosoccer.org to post schedules and use as the main source in communicating with the teams.

8.2.       In addition to the official league website, the league shall also utilize (720)377-5240 as the official league hotline, primarily to communicate filed closure information.

8.3.       It shall be the sole responsibility of league participants to call the league hotline to get information regarding game cancellations and/or field closures.


Game Reschedules

9.1.       All requests to reschedule a league game must be made in writing and submitted to the league administrator at least 7 days prior to the game’s currently scheduled play date.

9.2.       The league administrator shall be the sole judge in approval of game change requests and the rescheduling of games.


Game Day Operations

10.1.   Team Check-In: Referees shall check-in each player for each team and obtain a team roster, printed on the CSA Roster Form. Player passes shall also be collected, they must be current and have the name of the team competing in that game on the back of the player pass. Players arriving to play without a player pass shall not be allowed to play subject to rule 3.1 of this publication. A driver’s license number in lieu of a social security number is acceptable on the team’s roster. Please see fines-section 10.0.

10.2.   Number of Players: While taking into consideration rule 3.0 contained within these rules, a team must provide at least seven (7) eligible players to participate in a given game for the game to take place. If a team cannot filed a minimum of seven (7) eligible players within ten (10) minutes following the scheduled time of kick off, the team shall forfeit. The referee should include this information in his or her game report, and the team shall be subject to any fines that may apply. Note: One player per team must have a designated goal keeper.

10.3.   Player Substitutions: To replace a player by a substitute, the following conditions must be observed:

a.       The referee is informed before a proposed substitution is made.

b.       The substitute only enters the field of play after the player being replaced has left and after receiving a signal from the referee.

c.       A substitute only enters the field of play at the halfway line and during a stoppage in the match.

d.      A substitution is completed when a substitute enters the field of play, following the referee’s permission.

e.       From that moment, the substitute becomes a player and the player he has replaced ceases to be a player.

f.        All substations are subject to the authority and jurisdiction of the referee, whether called upon to play or not.

g.       Substitutions may be requested during the following opportunities:

1.       Prior to a throw-in by team wishing to sub

2.       Prior to a goal kick by either team

3.       At half time

4.       Injury stoppage; unlimited substitution

10.4.   The Duration of the Match: All league games shall consist of two (2) equal halves of forty-five (45 minutes, unless otherwise mutually agreed between the referee and the two participating teams. Any agreement to alter the period of play (for example to reduce each half to forty minutes because of insufficient light) must be made prior to the start of play and comply with competition rules.

10.5.   Match completion: The match shall be deemed complete if time has expired or if it reaches half-time and the match is stopped, suspended or terminated. The referee’s game report shall contain details regarding the match and shall be submitted to the league. The league administrator shall make all further decisions concerning the game.

10.6.   Following the completion of the game, the referee shall report to the designated team official, except for those players in which:

a.       Their pass has obtained three (30 cautions and/or

b.       The player has received a red card and send-off during the match and/or

c.       The pass has been deemed invalid or fraudulent.

In any of these cases, the retained passes shall be submitted to the league within 24 hours of the game’s completion.


Team Fines

11.1.   Team Fines: All teams participating in the United Premier League shall be subject to the following fines.


Fine-Per Occurrence



Failure to use the proper roster and game report


Failure to field a team without notice to the league


Uniforms not in compliance with league regulations (matching color with unique numbers for each player)


Playing an illegal player

$100.00, forfeit game, and expulsion from league



11v11 Coed Soccer League Rules

1.1.       All games will be played in accordance with the laws of the game as published by Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) on a yearly basis, with the following exception:

a.       Substitutions shall be unlimited and shall be allowed at the following times:

1.       Prior to a throw-in by the team in possession;

2.       Prior to a goal kick by either team;

3.       After a goal by either team;

4.       After a stoppage in play due to an injury (a like substitution by each team);

5.       During the issuance of a caution (yellow card).

6.       Following a red card, the issued team may replace the ejected player.

b.       No slide tackling shall be allowed.

c.       Male Domination: Domination of the game by males will not be tolerated. Male domination violates the purpose and spirit of our coed recreational play.

1.       If a female is open in the normal course of play, where it is obvious that she should be utilized, then she must be utilized in advancing the ball. This includes offensive and defensive zone play.

2.       The following are general examples of male domination:

i.        Offensive men continually outrunning their female counterparts without any regard for team play.

ii.      Females subtly dropping out of an attacking position leaving all male pressure.

iii.    A male passing to another male who is covered when a female is open and accessible.

d.      The fielded team shall consist of a goalkeeper and 10 additional field players for a total of 11. The goalkeeper may be male or female. The following rules apply to the players on the field:

1.       The number of male players under normal circumstances should not be greater than the number of female players. A team may play as many female players as it desires. In the event that a female player is ejected from a game, the offending team may substitute with another female player.

2.       At least one female must participate in each line (i.e., there must be at least one female in the front line, the midfield, and the defense). The female or females in each line must be reasonably involved in the play (i.e., no “decoys” shall be permitted).

3.       An official game may be played with a minimum of seven players, including the goalkeeper. If a team cannot filed at least seven player, as described above, at the game starting time, an official game cannot be played and will not be re-scheduled.

4.       There shall be no limit to the number of players dressing for a game.

e.       Players shall be over the age of 30 in this league. Exception: One female player older than 27 may attend each game per team.

f.        Game cancellations may only occur by the following jurisdictions:

1.       By the President, or his or her designated representative, due to the potential for damage to the fields, or because they are deemed unplayable.

2.       By CSA, due to the condition of the fields.

3.       By the referee’s decree in accordance with FIFA regulations.

g.       Length of games: The game shall consist of two 45-minute periods separated by a halftime not exceeding five minutes.

h.       Scoring and standings:

1.       A goal scored shall count one (1) point

2.       Standings will not be kept in this league.


Taking of Kicks

2.1.       The taking of kicks from the penalty mark shall be done in accordance with IFAB rules, with the following exception for COED: All penalty kicks are to be taken by females.


Uniforms and Equipment

3.1.       Footgear: Shoes must be worn at all times while on the playing field. Cleats, bars, and studs must comply with IFAB laws of the game with the additional requirement that metal or metal-tipped cleats shall be prohibited.

3.2.       Jerseys: All players must wear jerseys of approximately the same design and color. All jerseys must have numbers on the back not smaller than five inches and not larger than six inches.

3.3.       Additional Equipment: Additional equipment, such as protective pads, braces, guards, or cold-weather clothing shall be worn only after inspection and approval by the referee and at the risk of the wearer.

3.4.       Casts will be permitted on the playing field at the discretion of the referee.

3.5.       Sponsorship is permissible, but advertisements shall be limited to the front part of the jersey (sleeves are also acceptable). The size of the letters for the sponsor shall not exceed three inches.






Team Representative: A team’s designated spokesperson that serves as a director on the board.

Coach: A person responsible for a team’s training and deployment.

Player: A person on a team roster who actively participates in the game, whether on the field or sitting on the sidelines.

Spectator: A person who watches the games for entertainment with no physical involvement.

Official: A person on the field to administer the official rule.

Participant: Anyone involved in activities such as watching, officiating, playing, or coaching.


Referee Instructions

The Coed Adult Coed Soccer League (COED) is a league comprised of adults over 30 years of age (exception is one female player per game per team may be younger than 30 but must be at least 27 years old). The express purpose of this league is to provide a place for men and women to play soccer on a less competitive, less aggressive level. The sole purpose is to have fun playing the game, and overly aggressive play is neither encouraged nor tolerated.

4.1.       Play may begin with a minimum seven or more players on each team. Excluding the goalie, who can be either sex, the game may begin with five men and five women; five men and four women; or four men and three women. There may always be more women on the field.

4.2.       Dissent will NOT be tolerated. Verbal warnings should be issue early and cards issued if the verbal warnings do not work. The referee decides when to issue cards.

4.3.       Male domination is not allowed. This is a gun league for men and women, and it stops being fun for the women if they are excluded from play. If the ball is being played from man to man and there are women available, this should not be allowed.

4.4.       This is a fun league, and fouls should be called closer than at the competitive level. There are all levels of players in the league, and their safety is paramount. Call it close. Blow it early and often. Overly aggressive play should be called even if it does not necessarily meet the criteria of a foul under the laws of the game.

4.5.       If a player is ejected, that player may be substituted for, and the team may continue to play with 11 players on the field. Ejected players will not re-enter the game, and their cards, with a referee report, shall be forwarded to the league officers for review.

4.6.       Women take all penalty kicks.

4.7.       Slide tackling of any kind is forbidden.



5.1.       No player shall at any time lay a hand upon, shove, strike, or threaten an official, player, or spectator.

a.       MINIMUM PENALTY: Suspension from two league games and probation for the remainder of season.

b.       MAXIMUM PENALTY: Suspension from all COED activities for a minimum of one year and probation for the following year. The case may also be subject to review by the Board before the beginning of the following season.

5.2.       No player shall refuse to abide by an official’s decision.

a.       MINIMUM PENALTY: Probation for the remainder of season.

b.       MAXIMUM PENALTY: Suspension from two league games and probation for the remainder of season.

5.3.       No player shall use obscene gestures or objectionable demonstrations of dissent at an official’s decision. The degree of poor sportsmanship shall, in the official’s judgement, draw the following

a.       MINIMUM PENALTY: Warning by officials.

b.       MAXIMUM PENALTY: Removal from the game.

5.4.       No player shall be guilty of using unnecessarily rough tactics in the play of the game against the body and person of an opposing player.

a.       MINIMUM PENALTY: Probation for the remainder of season.

b.       MAXIMUM PENALTY: Suspension from two league games and probation for the remainder of season.

5.5.       No player shall be guilty of an abusive verbal attack upon any player, official, or spectator.

a.       MINIMUM PENALTY: Probation for the remainder of season.

b.       MAXIMUM PENALTY: Suspension from two league games and probation for the remainder of season.

5.6.       No player shall appear on the field of play under the influences of alcohol.

a.       MINIMUM PENALTY: Suspension from two league games and probation for the remainder of season.

b.       MAXIMUM PENATLY: Suspension for the remainder of season.


Special Notes

6.1.       Any player violating 1, 2, 5, or 6 from the “Violations” list shall be immediately removed from play. Any player removed from play shall be reported to the president of the Board and to CSA. The violator’s team captain shall also report the incident to the President of the Board within one week of the infraction. Such players shall remain suspended until the Board can hear his or her case.

6.2.       Any player on probation who violates the Code of Conduct again will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

6.3.       Any player removed from a game must leave the bench area. If there is any further disruption by that player, he or she will be required to leave the park. Failure to do so will carry a maximum penalty of suspension for the remainder of the season.


League Exception to IFAB Laws

7.1.       Women take all penalty kicks.

7.2.       No slide tackling of any kind.

7.3.       No male domination. This rule is to insure that the coed nature of the league is kept intact. Women must be involved in the play. If a woman is the most open option for a pass, she must be included. Additionally, women cannot intentionally fall behind (the play) and intentionally take themselves out of involvement.

Red/Yellow Card Fines for COED

_____________________________________ of the team___________________________________________

                                Player Name                                                                                                                        Team Name


received a   RED    /    YELLOW    card during the game played on ___________________________________.




Team Representative


The fine is $25 for each yellow card and $50 for each red card. Two yellow cards issued in a single game results in a single $75 fine.

7v7 Coed Adult Soccer League Rules

1.1.       Length of Game: The game will consist of two 25-minute halves with a running clock. Half time will be 5-minute half time. Games will not exceed 1hr in time. The halves and or half time will be cut in time accordingly to accommodate all start times for the afternoon. Please remember to be there on time and considerate to all the players and the referees in the league.

1.2.       Format: Coed, 7v7. There must be a minimum of three (3) women on the field at all times; regardless of position played. A team must play down to seven (7) if there are not three females on the field of play. (For example: 3 females, 5 males or 2 females, 5 males, 1 female, 4 males).

1.3.       Minimum Players: All teams must have a minimum of five (5) players to start the game. One (1) of those five (5) players must be a female. There is a 5-minute grace period; teams with less than 5 players will forfeit the game.

1.4.       Roster: A team can have a maximum of fourteen (14) players on a roster. Expectations of roster limits must be presented in writing and will be determined on a case by case basis. Expectations will be submitted to UPL. Rosters will be frozen after 2 weeks of the regular season play. All players listed on the roster MUST play in two (2) regular season games to participate in the end of the season tournament.

1.5.       Guest Players: A player can only be on one roster for one team in the league.

1.6.       Substitutions: Unlimited substitutions are allowed for either team. Substitutions will be made for either team at any “dead ball” situation or at the referees’ discretion.

1.7.       Start of the Game: No coin toss will be held. The Home Team will choose the end to attack, and the Away Team will kick off to start the game.

1.8.       Field: Approx. 70yds long x 50yds wide.

1.9.       Goal Size: 7 feet tall x 21 feet wide

1.10.   Ball: Size 5

1.11.   Equipment: Shin guards are mandatory!

1.12.   Slide Tackles: For the safety of all players and participants- slide tackles are NOT allowed at any time. Expectations: Goal Keepers may slide, but mist attempt to play the ball with their hands. Below is information for reference only and the referee interpretation and decisions at the time of the foul being called:

a.       Slide tackle basic definition: A sliding tackle or slide tackle is a tackle in soccer in which a player attempts to take the ball away from an opposing player by deliberately leaving his feet and sliding along the ground with one leg extended to push the ball away from the opposing player- when within 5 feet of another player. This shall include playing on the ground or leaving your feet in any manner, one knee, hip, or foot.

b.       Fouls that can occur when sliding are:

1.       When a player tackles an opponent to gain possession of the ball, making contact with the opponent before touching the ball;

2.       When a player in a manner considered by the referee to be careless, reckless, or using excessive force:

3.       Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent;

4.       Trips or attempts to trip and opponent;

5.       Raises his/her football boots perpendicular to the field (also known as “cleats up”)

6.       Slide tackles from behind or with both legs extended have now been outlawed due to the injury and danger to other players that it causes. These tackles generally earn the player who commits them a straight red card, even if the ball is won cleanly and the tackle is not technically a foul.

1.13.      Offside: NO OFFSIDE! The offside provision shall NOT be used for this league but teams are encouraged to NOT be in an offside position.

1.14.      Referee: UPL will make every attempt possible to provide one (1) official. The referees have the final authority in all matters on the field of play. Players, fans, spectators or individuals who continue to harass, badger, or have conduct unbecoming towards a referee will be asked to leave the field. Further suspension form the league will be determined by UPL. Remember this is a RECREATIONAL soccer league. It should be FUN! Safety is the number one concern when officiation; players need to play under control at all times.

1.15.      Yellow & Red Cards: It is a recreational league. If deliberate and persistent fouling occurs, the referee will suspend the player(s) for the game. The team may sub for the suspended player during the duration of the game. If a red-card infraction occurs, the referee will suspend the player(s) for the game. The team must play down the remainder of the game. If a red card infraction occurs, the player will face further suspension to be determined by the UPL field supervisor and administration. Please refer to the CODE OF CONDUCT!

1.16.      Tournament Rules: The 7v7 Coed League & Tournament will be played under IFAB Rules with the modifications and additions stated below.

1.17.      Illegal Players: Any player that has not signed the original roster/waiver prior to the start of the season is considered an “illegal” player. All players during the tournament must be only on one (1) team. No guest players are allowed. Any “illegal player” will be disqualified from the match, and the team with the “illegal player” will automatically forfeit the game. All players listed on the roster MUST play in two (2) regular season games to participate in the end of the season tournament. Be prepared during the tournament, the rosters will be checked along with ID. Do not bring “ringers” for the tournament! Remember, it’s a recreational league!

1.18.      Extra Time: There will be two (2) five (5) minute extra periods played. “Golden Goal” applies; the first team to score wins. If the score is still tied after the two (2) Extra Time periods; the teams will go to Penalty Kicks (PK).

1.19.      Penalty Kicks: There will be five (5) kickers. Two (2) of the five (5) kickers must be females.